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Salesline Oy products include Sports Lace shoe lace, Aito lamb wool thermo insoles and the dirtmat family Dirt Stopper, Dirt Stopper Plus and Dirt Stopper Super Plus.

More information from the following pages. Or you can watch our indroduction videos from the Dirt Stopper or Sports Lace shoe lace.




We have updated our website! Check our new products: the Outdoor Dirt Stopper, the Dirt Stopper Scrape and Budget, the corridor mats, wedding and celebrations mats.

Also our Authorised dealers have been updated! New dealers at Karjaa, Lohja and Sastamala.

Logomats, barmats and other business gift from the Webshop parhaatliikelahjat.net.

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Our products are available at the Webshops styledesign.fi and parhaatliikelahjat.net!